Christine has been working in clay for over 25 years. She earned her MFA at The School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.  She lives and works in Portland, Maine, dividing her professional life between her own practice, making and selling ceramic work, teaching art at Waynflete, and managing the Clay studio at Running With Scissors art studios. Christine is a dedicated, compassionate 20 year veteran art teacher highly experienced in teaching art foundations, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, and painting. She has taught in classrooms ranging from middle school through graduate school. She strives for educational equity to ensure access to success for all students.


Artist statement:

My current body of work deals with interior and exterior and positive and negative spaces. Working primarily with a form I call a “flower cage” I pierce and cut away as much clay as possible while following some basic principles of architecture to create an open and seemingly fragile, yet strong structure. The lattice tops sitting atop their bases work as a sculptural object when empty, and a utilitarian vase supporting each bloom when filled with a bouquet. I am drawn to the positive and negative space created by the openwork that creates a visible yet inaccessible space. Is it forbidding or inviting? Hiding or revealing? Protecting or imprisoning?